The Centre for Transformative Work Design (CTWD) Conference explored the theme of ‘Work Design for Success: Innovative Research and Leading-Edge Practice.’ The conference aimed to answer questions such as the role of work design in enhancing motivation and performance, predicting the likelihood of leader emergence, identifying the workplace demands causing burnout, and devising strategies to combat them.

A keynote speech was delivered by Maureen Dollard, who presented on “Valuing the Human: Psychosocial Safety Climate at Work.” Daniel Neser, Kurt Lushington, and Maureen Dollard launched the “Australian Universities, Work, Digital Stress Interactive Report 2020-2023.”

The presentations covered various topics such as “Work and Sleep: Taking Your Phone to Bed” by Professor Kurt Lushington, “Development and Validation of the Workplace Digital Demands and Resources (WDDR) Measure” by Amy Zadow, “Multilevel Antecedents to Playful Work Design and Relationships to Psychological Distress and Work Engagement: A Longitudinal Study of University Employees” also by Amy Zadow, “Longitudinal Investigation of Restructuring, Psychosocial Safety Climate and Burnout in Australian Universities during COVID-19 2020-2022” by Rachael Potter, and “A multilevel framework linking digital demands to work-life conflict and the moderating role of PSC and recovery: An organisation-linked diary study” by Amy Parkin.

Finally, Dinethi Yasodara Jayarathna presented a poster on “Psychosocial Safety Climate and Hybrid Working Environments.”

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