SuperFriend Collaboration
ITW Survey & Key Highlights Report

UniSA PSC-GO joined forces with SuperFriend to obtain data from across Australia on workplace mental health.

Data was collected from 10,012 Australian Workers in October, 2023. Results found the overall PSC (40.4) across Australia in 2023 decreased when compared to PSC (42.4) from the Australian Workplace Barometer (AWB) project, 2021.

This research is important for academia and industry for the following reasons

  • Findings provide key information on the impact PSC can have on workplace psychosocial hazards and worker psychological health and wellbeing
  • Data provides new benchmarks for psychosocial safety climate which can be used by organisations to develop best practice standards for keeping workers safe from psychological harm.
  • Findings suggest surveillance of PSC as a lead indicator within organisations and a measure of downstream psychosocial hazards and associated psychological health and wellbeing outcomes is strongly recommended as an essential component to any psychosocial risk prevention and management process. These recommendations strongly align with employers' obligations to comply with the new WHS code of practice on managing psychosocial workplace hazards.

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