Study 1 (2019)

​Investigates university protocols (policies, practices and procedures) in relation to digital communication (including email load) and expectations in relation to communication (frequency, response time) and staff availability during work and non-work hours.

Study 2 (2020-2021)

A four-wave national longitudinal online survey of university staff (including casuals) testing new theoretical propositions in a multilevel framework enabling us to tease out university, and individual effects across time.

Study 3 (2022)

This study uses a survey, daily diary and experience sampling methods (ESM) to tease out university, individual and within-individual effects in university staff.

Study 4 (2022)

We will assess PSC levels in universities against national AWB benchmarks by using PSC benchmark levels derived from the ARC funded AWB project to determine levels of PSC within Australian universities, using the sample from Study 2, Time 1 (Year 2, 2020).