Program Report
Thinkers in Residence (2022)
Public Lecture: “Changing Work Patterns and Impact on Worker Health, Wellbeing, and Performance” by Prof Paula Brough


In her lecture, Paula discussed the concept of changing work patterns and its impact on workers. The COVID-19 pandemic produced seismic changes for the work context of many workers. Work hours, locations, and the use of technology were rapidly changed, while work characteristics such as autonomy, supervision, support, and social interactions produced long-term impacts for organisational cultures and connections which in many cases, are still being rectified. The talk discussed the changing work patterns, their consequences, and identified key considerations for the promotion of decent work in both the short and long term.


In the workshop, PhD Thinkers discussed:

  • What are flexible work practices?
  • Can they create work arrangements that are more psychologically safe?
  • How can we engage flexible work practices in the future of work for the benefit of all?

In considering these questions we addressed the psychosocial safety climate (PSC) of workplaces with the goal of building more psychologically healthy and safe workplaces for all.

Workshop Guest Speakers:

Prof Maureen Dollard (PSC Global Observatory, UniSA)

Prof Elaine Sadler (ARC Centre of Excellence for All-Sky Astrophysics)

Dr Kevin McGrath (Workplace Gender Equality Agency)

Dr Amy Zadow (PSC Global Observatory, UniSA)

Ms Kathy Harrington (National Tertiary Education Union)

Dr Sarah Cotton (Transitioning Well



Workshop Presenter: Dr Jane Andrews

Program Coordinators: Dr Rachael Potter (PSC Global Observatory, UniSA), Ms Cherie Crispin (PSC Global Observatory, UniSA) 




Georgina Hughes, University of South Australia

“Beyond grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Kathleen Fitzpatrick Australia Research Council 2022 PhD Thinkers Program at University of South Australia last week. Big thanks to Prof Maureen Dollard & team for leading this nationwide, competitive program for female PhD candidates across Australia. It was a pleasure connecting with the 2021 & 2022 cohort, building on our creative and critical thinking skills to identify problems, generate new knowledge and drive solutions, with the lens of interdisciplinary, collaborative research methods and philosophies. Another highlight of my PhD.”

Gianina Raymundo, University of Sydney

"Last week, I had the privilege of attending the competitive 'Kathleen Fitzpatrick Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship - PhD Thinkers Program in Adelaide. Thank you to Professor Maureen Dollard and the team from the Centre for Workplace Excellence (University of South Australia) for organising such an empowering program that equips participants with tools for interdisciplinary research collaboration. It was such an honour to meet many inspiring women in research, whilst learning about a completely different research area (flexible work arrangements) and engaging in interdisciplinary collaboration to create a research proposal in just two days. The overall experience was so valuable and rewarding, it is challenging to pick a favourite moment! I am truly grateful to have had this opportunity, and I strongly encourage other Australian PhD women to apply for the 2023 program!"