Program Report
Thinkers in Residence (2023)
Public Lecture: “Transformative change in the future of work” by Prof Sharon Parker
In her lecture, Paula discussed the concept of changing work patterns and its impact on workers. The COVID-19 pandemic produced seismic changes for the work context of many workers. Work hours, locations, and the use of technology were rapidly changed, while work characteristics such as autonomy, supervision, support, and social interactions produced long-term impacts for organisational cultures and connections which in many cases, are still being rectified. The talk discussed the changing work patterns, their consequences, and identified key considerations for the promotion of decent work in both the short and long term.


The 2023 topic was on transformative change in the future of work, which encompasses developments such as the rise in artificial intelligence and automation.

The focus of the 2-day workshop was on the ethical, social, and work-related implications associated with the future of work, particularly in relation to effects for female workers.  

Workshop Guest Speakers:

Prof Maureen Dollard (PSC Global Observatory, UniSA)

Ms Judi Zelke Australian Research Council

Prof Sharon Parker (Centre for Transformative Work Design)

Prof Fang Chen

Prof Sarah Pink

Prof Jeannie Patterson

Prof Flora Salim

Ms Kathy Harrington (National Tertiary Education Union)


Workshop Presenter: Dr Jane Andrews

Program Coordinators: Dr Rachael Potter (PSC Global Observatory, UniSA), Ms Cherie Crispin (PSC Global Observatory, UniSA) 



A program participant

"This was such a rewarding program to attend, and definitely something I've already been promoting to my other PhD friends. Interdisciplinary collaboration is such an important skill, and this workshop has really broadened my perspective about how fruitful collaboration can be. Thank you to the entire team who made this happen - it was definitely worth travelling interstate for."

A program participant

"The whole program was planned really well - it's really hard to pick just one part. The highlights for me were the speakers and Jane's sessions. To learn more about a completely different field; understand and practice different approaches to group work were really valuable experiences for me. Most importantly, being able to meet such inspiring women and learn from them has been such a privilege. As a firstgeneration PhD candidate in my family, it is so reassuring to have this support, and hear about the different tips and career trajectories that are possible as a researcher."