Program Report
Thinkers in Residence (2021)
Public Lecture: “HR: A Human Resources or a Human Rights Approach to Work Health and Safety?” by Marie Boland


In her lecture, Marie reflected on why the WHS regulatory framework has failed to prevent sexual harassment and its psychological and physical health impacts on workers. She also reflected on why the WHS regulatory framework has failed in the context of preventing psychological injury more generally.



The topic for discussion was “Is there a Psychosocial Safety Climate for non-standard workers?

Now spanning various industries, gig workers (13% of Australian workers) often contracted by huge profit digital platforms companies like Uber, Lyft, and Deliveroo, who have no ‘employer’ or job security, and often work in poor labour conditions with little protection, with some job control but mental health concerns have emerged.

The issue of developing a corporate climate conducive to worker psychological health that requires an interdisciplinary gaze with an emphasis on gig-workers and non-standard workers was discussed.

Workshop Guest Speakers:


Prof Maureen Dollard (PSC Global Observatory, UniSA)

Marie Boland (Safe Work Australia)


Workshop Presenter: Dr Jane Andrews

Program Coordinator: Dr Rachael Potter (PSC Global Observatory, UniSA)



A Workshop Participant

“It has been such a wonderful experience and one of the best experiences of my postgraduate journey. I feel so fortunate to have been able to share two days with these superstar women.”